Are you excited?  I am definitely feeling the urge to IMPROVE THINGS.

Last time around, I worked on my newest blog, which, at the time, was Creative Moments. This time, in keeping with that tradition, I’m focusing on this blog, which is currently my newest.

I say “currently,” because, sadly, I’m one of those obsessive blog creators  (lol).

So what I’ve decided to do for my starting gate post is make a list of things to do throughout the weekend.  I may add things as I go.  Then I will come back and cross things off the list.

1.  Create landing pages – added Facebook page for this blog

2.  Clean up sidebars; add things to sidebars

3.  Clean up social network profiles

4.  Visit blogging tips group

5.  Visit other blogs:  the ones hosting mini-challenges and get ideas for improvements there.

6.  Create business cards.

7.  Visit at least ten blogs that are new to me (mini-challenge)

8.   Create cheat sheets with html codes, etc.

I know, a short list, but you can be sure that I’ll be adding to it.

So…ready, set, go!!



    • So far, I’m liking this theme…but now I’m searching for a way to edit the post, and I’m not finding it! I have nine blogs here on Word Press, and this is the first theme that hasn’t had a way to edit a post!

      I’m probably overlooking something…

      As for Blogger vs. Word Press, there are things I like about each of them, which is why I’ve kept blogs on both sites.


    • Oh, thank you for the encouraging words, avisannschild. I think my tasks might have been too easy.

      I just now finished adding another page, though, which showcases some links to other social networking sites that I belong to…and that took longer than I thought it would.


  1. Yay, you’re *almost* done with you list! Only business cards to create… that cannot be such a big problem 🙂 You’ll have the rest of the weekend off, lucky grrl! :))


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