There’s a great new meme over at There’s a Book, and in this weekly event, we share “bits and pieces” of our real selves.

Like this week, we’re telling about our favorite movies.

Now there are many, many movies that I love, and, like many of my obsessions, I collect compulsively.  I have huge DVD shelves that my son built, going from floor to ceiling, for the length of the hallway.

So believe me when I say that it’s hard to choose.  However, when I think about the movies that I’ve watched SO many times that I practically know the dialogue…well, that narrows it down.

First, we have When Harry Met Sally, starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

Doesn’t the cover here take you back?  If you liked this movie, of course!  But I so enjoyed the romantic premise of people becoming friends, the passage of time, and then the gradual change from friendship to romance.

Then, for a darker look, here’s another one I can’t seem to get enough of, even though I know every scary moment before it gets here.  Fatal Attraction, with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, is one of those “cautionary tales” about the consequences of our actions that can morph into something dark and disturbing.

Okay, this reminiscing makes me want to grab these from the shelves and enjoy a movie marathon.

How about you?  What are your favorites?  I hope you’ll stop by and tell us about them.


10 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — MOVIES

    • Well, since both these movies are from the eighties, and maybe you were a small child then, I guess I’ll excuse you! lol

      But it’s never too late! I would definitely recommend them if you like either 1)romance or 2)thrillers.


  1. Love it! I remember when Harry Met Sally came out and I desperately wanted to go see it, but my parents would not let me at the time. Although, now that I’m a bit older with my own kiddos, I’m going to have to rent this one, I’ve always wanted to watch it! And oddly enough, I have seen Fatal Attraction, so good! They just don’t make “scary” movies like that anymore, which is pretty sad. I miss the suspense that goes into those not-to-recent “horror/suspense” movies, like Silence of the Lambs, so good!

    Great choices! Thanks again for participating, this is so fun!


    • I absolutely adore this meme! Sharing bits of me…I love telling stories, anyway, so memes like this offer an opportunity to do so.

      For example, my second son, who is a business man, has this artistic side, too, and for a time in the nineties, he did oil paintings of movie posters; then he hung them in his billiards room in his home. The “When Harry Met Sally” poster was one of my favorites, and looks like that DVD photo above.

      His paintings were so well-done that people actually commissioned him to do some for them…like he did one of his boss playing tennis.

      Okay, nuff about me! lol


  2. Oooh…I love both of these movies too Laurel-Rain! In particular, Fatal Attraction was a movie that I watched so much as a teen. My parent’s own the director’s cut that has the original ending, which sticks in my mind a lot more readily than the actual ending. Have you seen the director’s cut version?


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