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Front Side of Business Card
Back Side of Business Card

Here we are on the second day of Bloggiesta, and I’m feeling that sense of accomplishment.

Plus, I’m enjoying going around and visiting other blogs, taking part in mini-challenges, and cheering other bloggers on.

So here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

1.  Create landing pages:  I created a Facebook page for this blog

2.  Clean up sidebars; add things to sidebars

3.  Clean up social network profiles

4.  Visit blogging tips group

5.  Visit other blogs:  the ones hosting mini-challenges and get ideas for improvements there.

6. Create business cards.

7.  Visit at least ten blogs that are new to me (mini-challenge)

8.   Create cheat sheets with html codes, etc.

I know, a short list, but you can be sure that I’ll be adding to it.

Today, I’m going to also do the following:

9.   Visit more blogs, be part of the cheering squad.

10.  Go to Book Blogs and send out invitations for guest posts

11. Go to one of my other blogs and collect “author interviews” and bring them to this blog.

So far, I have participated just a short while; my total is 3.8 hrs.

Today, I’ve added three hours to my total.

This afternoon, I added another 1.5 hrs., creating and ordering business cards.

Grand Total as of 2:00 p.m. Saturday = 8.3 hrs.



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4 thoughts on “BLOGGIESTA UPDATE — DAY 2

  1. Wow! Your on a roll. Great job on your Bloggiesta. Would have liked to join in but to much going on in the household. Good luck on your challenges!
    Natalie :0)


    1. Natalie, I just now found your comment in the spam folder! I’ve been searching there now, after someone pointed out that comments were going there.

      So glad you stopped by and sorry I didn’t find it until today.


    1. Thanks, Cat…for stopping by and for the award. I’m glad you like the business cards.

      I was going for the “flower child” thing, with the flowers in front and the hippie doll on the back…since many of my earlier books are set during those times. And the hippie doll is my logo on the website.


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