Even though we still have a few hours left in this event, I’ve decided to post my final list.  So here goes with what I’ve accomplished.

1.  I created  a Facebook page for this blog

2.  Cleaned up sidebars; added things to sidebars

3.  Cleaned up social network profiles

4.  Visited blogging tips group

5.  Visited lots of other blogs:  the ones hosting mini-challenges and others who’d signed in at Mr. Linky; got lots of ideas for improvements there.

6. Created business cards.

7.  Visited at least ten blogs that are new to me (mini-challenge)

8.   Created cheat sheets with html codes, etc.

9.   Visited more blogs, in order to be part of the cheering squad.

10.  Went to Book Blogs and send out invitations for guest posts

11.  Went to one of my other blogs and collected “author interviews” and brought them to this blog.

12.  Gathered information that people e-mailed for guest posts and I have some ready to go within the next couple of weeks.

13.  Created a “pencil sketch” for my sidebar, something I’ve been wanting to do.

Grand Total:  10 hours.

What I liked most:

1.  Connecting with other bloggers and noticing the wonderful changes everywhere.

2.  Feeling that sense of satisfaction when I can accomplish tasks that I’ve created for myself.

3.  I was really excited that I designed and ordered my business cards, as I’ve been putting that one off.

What I liked least:

1.  It did cut a little into my reading time, but that’s  okay…I can make it up later.



  1. Thank you so much for participating in the Bloggiesta! I envy you getting a facebook fan page set up. Facebook is so not user friendly to me and I really struggled through that. I hope you join us again in January!


  2. Wow! You were able to check a lot off your to-do list! Very impressive. I really liked your ideas about creating a fb page and business cards. I may have to piggyback on that, since it’s genius. 😉 Have a sunny week!


    • Thanks, Sami…Yes, I saw both of those ideas on someone else’s list.

      I had thought about business cards before, but hadn’t thought about the Facebook page. I do have a Facebook page for all the books I’ve written, and another one for my newest book.


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