Alyce, At Home With Books, offers us the opportunity to talk about books we’ve enjoyed in the past.

I have so many bookshelves to explore each week, and finding books I hadn’t thought about in a long while is a true gift.

The Best Laid Plans, by Gail Parent, is a rollicking adventure in which one woman, single and hearing the tick of her biological clock, seeks an unusual plan for getting pregnant.  She chooses seven former lovers (and candidates to anonymously father her child) and invites them each for a “get-together.”  Of course, everything goes completely awry.

Why I Chose This Book:

Published in 1980, this book reminds me of that time in our lives (in some of our lives!) when we thought we could control everything.  When we believed in our ability to chart our own destinies.

What the character in this book soon learns is that, despite the fact that the men might normally consider such an adventure, none of them want to be an “anonymous” donor.

The author of this book is funny, colorful, and able to present what appears to be an outrageous idea and serves it up like a palatable treat.

What are your favorites this week?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.


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