Violets Are Blue depicts a couple who once were lovers but were separated by fate or destiny, when their careers took them on different journeys.

Now Gussie Sawyer (Sissy Spacek) has returned home to Ocean City, Maryland, and runs into her old love, Henry Squires (Kevin Kline). The chemistry is still there and for awhile, they take a forbidden path toward reconnecting. She even joins him at a family dinner and meets his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and son.

Gussie is a photographer and Henry is a journalist. They collaborate on a big story about the environment and rile up some of the townsfolk. When the story is done, they are offered an assignment together, and they almost take it; in fact, they are all set to go, but fate steps in again.

I watched this a few times when it first came out and loved it. I’ll watch anything with these actors, but I especially enjoyed the blissful atmosphere of the sea, the rides at the Playland, the beautiful houses on the sea. I was swept up in the romance, too, so I can understand how the characters would be as well. But what they learned, of course, was that you can’t really go back, once you’ve taken another pathway.

Great viewing!  I gave this one five stars, mainly because of the actors, but also because it touched that place inside that reminds me of special connections from the past.


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