Meghan Daum’s memoir Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House leads the reader on a journey toward finding the perfect dwelling.  From apartments in NY brownstones to farmhouses in Nebraska, and westward to cottages in LA, the author describes her obsessive quest for the house that’s just out of reach.

Some people have hobbies like collecting, but Ms. Daum admits that searching for just the right neighborhood, redecorating each home so that she is finally authentically herself, became an unending task that finally reached the point of having to decide whether or not to live with her boyfriend, since that would mean adjusting her space to make room for him.

Her story felt very familiar to me.  I’ve done that same kind of quest, but not with the same diligence, perhaps.  But I’ve enjoyed open house “window shopping” and internet searches, hoping to finally find that dream home.  And I’ve also done constant redecorating in each home when it was impossible to actually move.  I’ve had that itch to rearrange things in order to make my life feel more my own.

This author’s story was full of honesty, humor, and insight as she describes finally reaching a place of “almost” contentment.

Thoroughly enjoyable, this is a story that I’m likely to reread, because I could relate to it.   I’m giving it five stars, and I hope I read something else by this author soon.


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