Memorable Moments -- A Mother and Daughter

Ever since I organized my closet awhile back, with the old photo albums stacked (in order!) on one of the shelves, I’ve been grabbing them and studying them.


Today’s search yielded the photos above, which I’ve made into today’s header (collage).

The photos are a bit blurry and faded, but the memories are vivid.  On the left, my daughter and I posed for this picture on an Easter morning in 1979.  Yes, way back in the day!  On the right, my daughter sits alone in her favorite chair, one of the pieces I took away from our family home when we split.  This photo was taken in my apartment across town, and my daughter is a year older than in the previous photo.

What a distance can be wrought by one year!

I remember loving that apartment, though, even as I’d loved the previous home.  Each abode is filled with such moments of connection, even though eventually the people go their separate ways.  The kids remain, though, as the core connection between us all.

What family moments do you recall when you search your photo albums, or even your photo boxes?  (I have some photos in boxes, too, and strangely enough, they fared better than the ones in albums, with those old-fashioned sticky pages!).

My photo albums are a huge part of my favorite collections.  They take me back in just a split second, recalling special moments—almost as if no time has passed!


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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