Over at There’s a Book, our host has posed an interesting question for the day.


Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

It took me a few minutes—there are a lot of people I’d like to invite!—but I finally came up with an assortment of creative types. Yes, creativity wins in my book.

My order in listing them is not indicative of anything in particular…that’s just how the names came to me.  Let’s begin with the writers:

1)  Sue Miller: Her fabulous writing has taken me to places I would not have gone without her.  I especially enjoyed her book The Good Mother, with its poignant tale of choices that had long-lasting consequences.  She did the same for me with While I Was Gone. Her newest one, The Lake Shore Limited, also kept me turning pages.

I would have many questions for her, and would want to pick her brain and ask for her advice.

2)  Jodi Picoult: Her books, too many to enumerate, have been very important in my reading life.  They are the kinds of books that we think about long after we’ve finished reading them.

Now for the actors:

3)  Diane Keaton:  She’s been a favorite of mine ever since she graced the screen in Annie Hall. Then I had to go back and watch all the movies that came before that one.  Nowadays, she still has it, and, by the way, a few years ago, she played a role in Sue Miller’s The Good Mother, so those two might have some conversations, too.

4)  Al Pacino: I simply love watching his moves.  From the days when he played in The Godfather movies (incidentally, with Diane Keaton), to his more recent movies like 88 Minutes and Righteous Kill, he keeps my eyes glued to the screen.

Finally, our fifth guest can sing for his supper (or lunch!), because he’s Neil Diamond!

5)  Neil Diamond:  I first fell in love with his magical musical renderings back in the seventies.  Then in the eighties, he wowed me with The Jazz Singer movie, in which he played a singer (of course) and sang fabulous songs.  One of my regrets is that I missed his performance when he came to our city a couple of years ago.

But all will be made right at my fabulous lunch!

Who did you invite to your lunch, and why?  I hope you’ll share a bit of yourself and tell us all about it.



  1. Thanks for sharing your list! I love how a number of the guests already know one another (or at least their work). I think that would help ensure that everyone either got along or there would be some great fights breaking out. Either way, it might be entertaining, right? 😉

    Check out my list here.


  2. Those are some incredible authors and actors you have on your list! I’ve only read a few of the books from the authors you listed, but I can definitely see why you’d want to have them over. Such fantastic conversation!

    Thank you for sharing!


    • Yes, Al Pacino may be in that “older” category and not appealing to younger people, but I’ve always loved his work…and I kind of like that he’ll be at the table with Diane Keaton. They’ve starred in movies together (and once had a thing!)

      Thanks for stopping by, Senora G.


  3. I didn’t even think of actors! Oh, I need to amend my list to include John Barrymore.

    While you are busy lunching with Diane Keaton do you think she would notice if I stole her wardrobe? I adore her sense of style.


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