Good morning, and it is definitely going to be one of those mornings!  I’m glad that I’ll have the opportunity to share, thanks to this meme hosted by There’s A Book.

Because we leave “bits and pieces” of ourselves in the world around us, like a “footprint,” the world is changed, just a bit, by our presence.

Today’s question is this:


Oh, my, how I do hate to try to pick just one!  There are a few, I’m afraid, but let’s not go into how I’m not good at curbing my “buying impulses,” especially when it comes to books.  Or let’s not talk about how I really obsess over certain things, and letting them go…not so good at it.

Hmm, well, I do seem to be talking about them, don’t I?

To sum these things up and put them under a heading, I guess the primary flaw would be my INABILITY TO STOP OBSESSING OVER THINGS WHEN I NEED TO DO SO.

Today’s obsession:  Chaos all around me.

The pipes are broken in my walls and the plumbers are coming, but maintenance has to come saw through some walls on Monday.

Meanwhile, I was instructed to move things out of my little office nook and off of some hallway shelves, just so they can saw through those walls.  Which means that I had to stack things up AWAY from where they’ll be working, and some of these messy stacks look like this.

Some Contents of Office Nook!
Explosion From Nook and Shelves!

Now, I’m told that I’m very fortunate that they didn’t have to completely remove the DVD shelves (and their contents) along the hallway.

Huge DVD Shelves!

Imagine having to empty all of these, and then watch as the maintenance staff took them apart.  I’ll bet they wouldn’t put them back together afterwards!

But now they’ve said I only have to clear out a few shelves, which I’ve done; you see some of those in that chaotic mess in these photos.

So…to sum up:  I’m absolutely NOT good at letting go, or of dealing well with chaos in my life (other than what I’ve happily created for myself!  lol), so I OBSESS.

Now I must figure out a way to do that (Not the obsessing part, but the dealing thing!).  I must deal with the fact that there is no hot water until this fiasco is over, so I’ll be going elsewhere for showers, etc.

Hey!  It’s a hot summer and a cold shower could be just the thing.  I’ll try not to obsess about THAT.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to FURTHER OBSESS, a thing I can’t seem to stop doing!

I hope to see some of you here, commenting and sharing your own tales of woes and flaws.

Have a great weekend!  And aren’t you glad you’re NOT ME???

18 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — ONE THING YOU’RE NO GOOD AT

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  2. Oh I am so sorry! Chaos in my home totally freaks me out, so I can imagine what you are feeling right now.

    My young adult step-daughter just moved back in with us. I can relate in a way. I finally get in a groove with cleaning, cooking, where stuff is organized and all that, then she moves in. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing where she is, not having to pay her rent somewhere else anymore, etc…..It is just that I WANT MY HOUSE BACK!


    1. Oh, I can totally relate to that WANTING THE HOUSE BACK feeling! Over the years, I’ve had various grown children and their partners move in with me. One of the reasons I “downsized” three years ago, was to ward off more of these situations. LOL.

      I’m hoping that the condo will be fixed and everything back in order within a week…Ha!


  3. Oh, wow, that would’ve been a nightmare if you’d had to unload all those DVDs! I can get cluttered when I’m working through the week, but I get tired of it and have to pick it all up on the weekend. I just start itching to get my life back in order. Good luck with the repairs!


    1. Oh, I know, Jen…I was just remembering when I moved in here and after my son built the shelves…I was going crazy getting them all up alphabetically (because they’d been on several different shelves).

      I’m hoping they don’t tell me later that they DO need to remove the shelves!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Thanks for stopping by to my A Bit Of Me(Me) post Laurel-Rain! Yes, I know what you mean about it being difficult to deal with chaos in your life. We all have our rhythm and thoughts about how things should be organized, but they don’t always correspond with the way others organize/do things. I used to obsess over organizing my books chronologically, but now that I live with my boyfriend, I’ve had to stop worrying about this so much. 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Melissa. My tendency to want to obsess and even to freak out a little makes it difficult to share my space with anyone!

      Over the years, I’ve lived with various individuals, including my grown-up kids from time to time. Sharing space can have its rewards…but not when things are chaotic (At least that’s been my experience).


  5. Oh my! I’ve only had this happen once before to me and I can completely understand your frustration. I’m not one to do well with chaos, yes, I like to be involved, but it needs to be organized and planned out. Thus, the reason my little kiddos sometimes drive me bonkers with their chaotic childhood (I love it, but it’s hard to adapt sometimes).
    I truly hope this gets better very very soon!


    1. Thanks, Danielle…I’ve had to deal with homes under various stages of construction, or moving day mess, but this feels so out-of-my-control that it’s adding another dimension to my usual obsessiveness! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  6. I would like to say I am good at letting things go, but my family would tell you different…lol. I do know when it comes to things like this, I am no better. What a nightmare!


    1. Thanks for popping in, J. Kaye, with comments and that special “commiseration” that others can bring to the situation.

      I know that my family does not enjoy being around me when I’m obsessing!


  7. I do love those shelves, thanks so much for posting those pictures!

    I not only hate that kind of chaos in my home, but just having to let strangers in for whatever reason. I can’t stand it. In fact, I have some plumbing issues myself and haven’t called anyone yet because I dread having them come fix it!


    1. I have the same reaction to strangers in my home! When I was selling my house in the foothills, strangers trooped through my house constantly until it finally sold. Eventually I had the realtor take the lock box off, because I wanted to be there when people came.

      And as for maintenance people, they don’t care if they bring dirt in…lots of times, they leave doors open and lights on. They’re a necessary evil, I guess!

      Thanks for stopping by, Crystal…


  8. Oh come on, you want chaos come visit me! I live with a husband, two 18yo boys, a father-in-law, a mother, six cats and a confused dog! How’s that for chaos? AND, I work in a pediatric clinic so it never ends.

    I know how you feel though and it’s not always fun but it’s always an adventure. Enjoy your cold showers or come here and shower, but you may have to share it with one of the residents! LOL

    I Stink


    1. Thanks for cheering me up, Senora G. I know what it’s like to live in a full household, too, since I had four kids; then later, when they were grown, they kept moving in and out and bringing friends!

      Nowadays, I think I’m more sensitive to chaos, for whatever reason. Strange, huh? Maybe I got burned out on the “revolving” door to my house.


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