Sundays are those “potpourri” days.  I like to do an odd assortment of things, but mostly, I enjoy just recharging my batteries and reconnecting with my “inner calm.”

That’s harder than it might sound.  I used to laugh when someone told me I appeared to be a calm person.  Outwardly, I have developed that persona, but inwardly, my mind and emotions are racing, rushing, and obsessing.

Calm does not follow these kinds of activities. So to develop my inner calm, I need to focus on things completely outside myself.  Watching movies is one way I achieve this.

Another way is to piddle away on my various blogs.  What?  How can that calm me?  Well, it’s definitely distracting and the activities take me down a trail of wonder and amazement, as I learn how to do various things that are unrelated to my “comfort zone.”

You’re right, it doesn’t really make sense, but when I do accomplish something new, I can totally relax.  Like right now, I learned how to change the background color on this blog.  Rest assured that the background will probably change again, just like my blog headers.  But I have now learned how to do it, so I feel relaxed.

Yesterday when I tried it, it didn’t work at all.  Perhaps it was something related to the site and not my incompetence, since I could do it easily this morning.

My first Sunday activity is posting my Sunday Salon, which is now on a new site (Accidental Moments).

Now I’m going to go watch a movie.  I have a whole stack of them to choose from today, after pulling them off the shelves, one by one, whenever they appeared in my thoughts.


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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