Sometimes my mind traverses a pathway long forgotten.  Like those moments from the past that suddenly rear up, almost out of nowhere.

Maybe something triggers the memory.  Perhaps it’s a dream.  I’ve had a few of those lately, with past and present moments all mixed up together.

My five novels feature many moments from my past, albeit fictionalized.  Today when I was excerpting from Embrace the Whirlwind, over at the blog by that name, I couldn’t help but go to that place in my own memories.

The same can be said for the excerpt over at my Miles to Go blog.

Much of what we create comes from those places inside, from the moments and memories that stir there.  We also look around and seek ideas from the social context in which we live, in order to create these impressions in our written work.

When these impressions and memories are all mixed up together, we manage to create something uniquely ours.  From our perspective.

Therefore, when someone asks if my novels are based on real events, I can honestly say “yes” and “no.”  They do come from moments and memories of my life, but I change, embellish, recreate, and even reinvent them, so they barely resemble anything real.  But there is that core of reality.

For example, in today’s excerpt at the Embrace the Whirlwind blog, I took something that happened to me and recreated it for Hilary.

What real life impressions do you mix into your creative endeavors?  And how do the final results resemble the actual events, if they do?



    • I agree, J. Kaye…I think that only my two best friends recognize some of the incidents in a couple of my books (they were also “readers” of the chapters for me while I was editing); but they could separate what was real from what wasn’t, because they were there.


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