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Welcome to A-Z Wednesday, hosted by Vicki, at Reading at the Beach.

Here’s how it works:

To join, here’s all you have to do:
Go to your stack of books
Find an author whose first or last name starts with the letter of the week

1~ a photo of the book
2~ title and synopsis
3~ link(amazon, barnes and noble etc.)
4~ Come back to Reading At The Beach and leave your link in the comments.
5~ If you’ve already reviewed the book, add the link.

This week’s letter:  Author – First or Last Name – “C”

Interestingly enough, the author’s first name AND the title of the book begin with “C.”

I’m spotlight The Carrie Diaries, by Candace Bushnell.

Don’t you just love this cover?  I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s on a short stack in my office…which means SOON.

Here’s what Amazon says:

Before Manhattan and Manolos, who was Carrie Bradshaw? In her first novel for teens, Bushnell fills in her Sex and the City star’s growing-up years with this chronicle of Carrie’s senior year of high school in a small New England town. Bushnell maintains believable continuity of character in this teen version of her cultural icon, and fans will enjoy watching Carrie develop her familiar adult traits: her love of fashion, her wit, her writing ambitions, and her own brand of feminism. Once again, Carrie has three best friends, the alcohol flows freely, and sex is always on the conversation agenda, but here there’s a lot more talk than action (Carrie is a virgin). There are love interests, of course: a gorgeous heartbreaker and a clean-cut college guy who kisses “like a man who thinks in straight lines.” As with the TV show, though, it’s the book’s friendships that teens may relate to most. Fans will love this (and only insiders will get the ending), but smart, vulnerable, questioning Carrie emerges as a likable, stand-alone character. Expect plenty of adult interest, too. Grades 9-12.

I’ve been a fan of Carrie and her friends for awhile, and, of course, I’ve seen both movies.  So I’m very curious about what she was like…before.

What books did you all find today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share some comments and links.



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11 thoughts on “A-Z WEDNESDAY

    1. Yes, you’re right, Nise….when I went to B & N to look for it and discovered it in the YA section, I almost didn’t buy it. But my curiosity got the better of me.

      I’m pretty sure it’s very tame! (Compared to the other books).


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