Photo from Mary Engelbreit.

Now that fall is on its way—seriously, it is, despite our triple digit temperatures yesterday and today!—I am longing for those opportunities to cocoon and connect with my favorite activities. Those would be reading and watching movies.

Preferably with family and friends close by, with all of us sipping something wonderful…apple cider, tea, or red wine.

Lately, instead of buying DVDs (although I have succumbed to that temptation, too), I’ve been using the On-Demand feature on my TV.  The other day I watched Brothers, which I reviewed over at Out on a Limb.

I’m hoping to enjoy a few more movies this weekend using that venue.

I’ve also plunged into my newest read, a memoir; and last night I finished Irish Twins, by Michele Cozzens, which I reviewed over at Meditations and Reflections.

So now I’m just waiting for those cooler temperatures…fantasizing about it, in fact.  The newscasters have promised temperatures in the eighties for this weekend.

And just in case I run out of movies On-Demand, I have shelves of so many movies I could pick.  I even have a short stack just waiting.

So I’m ready to curl up with favorite movies and books.  What are your weekend plans?



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