It’s Thursday and time to come together in an event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books, to commemorate our favorite reads.

There are so many favorites I’ve loved and remembered fondly over the years.

But today, as I scanned my bookshelves, one author stood out for the over-the-top glitz that I have enjoyed at times.

Yes, I’m an eclectic reader and absolutely love books about social issues; I adore mysteries; I dip into historical fiction; AND I also love celebrity-type glitzy books.

Today’s book, I’ll Take Manhattan, by Judith Krantz, encompasses many of the ingredients I enjoy in my reads.

On Amazon, I found this tidbit:

Few can beat Krantz for pure energy. The author of bestsellers Scruples and Princess Daisy has penned another splashy romp through the lives of the rich and the slightly-less-rich, using Manhattan for a glittering backdrop. As the shareholders of Amberville Publications can attest, a family tree wouldn’t be complete without twisted branches. The magazine empire of the late Zachary Amberville is being pulled to pieces by his envious younger brother, Cutter, whose first official act after marrying his sister-in-law is to ax four periodicals. Within a year, he expects to sell those remaining at a huge profit. But Cutter hasn’t reckoned on his feisty niece, Maxi, who, at 29, has been a mother once, a divorcee three times, and a spendthrift all her life. Sailing into battle with aid from her brother Justin, a photographer with a past of his own, and her macho first husband, Rocco, Maxi turns a dying magazine into a wild success. Light sparring between the formerly-marrieds keeps the book humming along, although the scuffle with Cutter is abruptly dropped when the extent of his duplicity becomes known. Weak subplots are easily glossed over by punchy dialogue and an amusing, likable cast. 300,000 first printing; $300,000 ad/promo; first serial to Cosmopolitan; author tour.
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, In

Why I Chose This Book:

Not only is it a fun read, with the glitz and glamour, but it dips into exciting venues, like…Manhattan, the publishing industry, and family secrets.

I have even watched—more than once—the mini-series on TV over the years, starring Valerie Bertinelli. She’s the perfect “Maxi” in this story.

This book is the kind of saga that completely sweeps the reader into exciting new worlds.  Just the kind of fantasy escape we look forward to at certain times in our lives.

In fact, now I’m eager to plunge into this book again!

What are your favorites this week?  I hope you’ll pop in and share some comments and links.

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