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Today started out slowly…I slept later than usual, and then I gradually woke up and posted my Sunday Salon.

After enjoying my coffee and my mimosa, followed by the Sunday papers, I dived back into my newest book.

Most of the Perri O’Shaughnessy books I’ve read have featured the lawyer Nina Reilly, but this one is a stand-alone with different characters.

After reading for awhile, I decided to do something I’ve been planning, which is to combine still another couple of sites.  Yes, I did go a bit crazy there, and it became more and more difficult to keep actively posting on all my sites.

Today I merged my recently combined Meditations and Reflections with Explorations to make….Ta-da!  Explorations, Reflections, & Meditations.

Now I’m down to sixteen blog sites, with ten on Word Press and six on Blogger.  I’m thinking I’m finally at a good place for balance.  I needed one blog site for each of my five novels; I wanted a couple of book blogs on each host site; and then I love to have those quirky ones for the odds and ends.

On Moonbeams and Rainbows, I now talk a lot about soap operas (called Soap Magic); on Potpourri, I spotlight quirky stuff, plus my collections; and on Explorations, etc., I will be talking books, movies, meditations, and all kinds of reflections and musings.

This particular site (Connections & Impressions) is about family and social connections, as well as creative impressions.

Earlier this afternoon, I met my daughter for a drink, so we could catch up.  She’ll be fixing my granddaughter’s hair on Tuesday (after the school had a conniption about the color!).

I have enjoyed a rather lazy weekend so far…hope you’re all staying safe this weekend and enjoying time with family and friends.



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