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Today we’re gathering to talk about bits and pieces of our lives, hosted by 1st Daughter, at There’s A Book.


Oh, my!  It’s such a LONG list…lol.

Maybe the first one was working in the cannery as a teenager. Now I must admit that I had ambivalent feelings about this job.  I was earning money, which was a good thing.  And the money was pretty good for a teenager.  But the sheer boredom of putting peaches into little automatic pitters, or standing next to a conveyer belt of peaches that floated by….let me tell you, it would be a long time afterwards before I could eat peaches!

Then there were the years I worked in offices, typing.  This was before computers, of course, and the typewriters looked something like this….

Well, maybe a bit more modern, perhaps, but you get the picture.

Probably the most embarrassing job—and I had this one as a grown-up!—was a second job I had (on the weekends) when I needed extra money. I was called a service representative, but basically, I had to get up at the crack of dawn (4 a.m.!) and drive around the neighborhoods to the homes of “newspaper kids” to make sure that they were awake and folding their papers.  How would I know?  Well, if the newspapers were no longer on the porch (where the delivery truck left them) and the lights were on, I could assume…but if not, I had to knock on the door and wake them up.  Usually this meant waking up an angry parent, which was not fun!

Then, after this part was done, I had to call in to the office every half hour to see what complaints had come in (namely, that the customers had not received the newspapers), and then I had to deliver them.  Now this was before cell phones, so I had to carry around a lot of quarters and call in from pay phones.

The worst part….this went on for several hours, without breaks; I could consider my job done by noon or so.  I was exhausted!  And instead of blaming the kids, (or their parents),  it would be my fault if there were a lot of complaints.

I think I lasted in that job for three months.  The humiliation still follows me!  I had never, ever had a job before (or since) where I didn’t feel that I was actually excelling at it.  This one left me feeling degraded every single day.

I searched the web today, trying to find a cartoon illustration for this job.  None.  So you’ll just have to imagine it!

What did you do once upon a time, and how did it make you feel?



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10 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — WORST JOBS

    1. That job title reeled me in (I thought, easy weekend job!), but the duties were literally mind-numbing and back-breaking. Picture me folding newspapers for the kids and driving around and walking up stairs of apartment complexes. Yes, my whole “district” consisted of a lot of apartment complexes that were difficult to find and required lots of walking around and searching for apartment numbers that didn’t seem to follow any pattern.


  1. Wow, I didn’t even realize that job existed! I’m not sure where I thought newspapers came from, lol. I mean, I know it’s typically a kid who delivers them, but I guess I never realized they had to fold their own, or that they wouldn’t get up to deliver…I never even tried newspaper delivery, because I knew I couldn’t get up that early, lol.


    1. I couldn’t believe what was involved either, Crystal…First of all, I thought it would be the parents’ job to help the kid get up! That’s what I did when my kid was delivering papers.

      We live and learn, and hopefully, don’t repeat the same mistakes!

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, J. Kaye. That job was also hot and sticky (it was summer) and the only thing that kept me going was the idea of the paycheck. (It was my first “paid” job, except for babysitting!).


    1. You’ve got that right, Danielle…It felt like I was trudging through a hot lava pit…or a field of bubble gum. It was gruesome! Did I tell you that it was summer when I had this job, so it was hot? Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Art’s mom worked at a cannery, but I have never asked her about it. I bet it would be monotonous.

    I would have died to have to knock on a person’s door at o’dark thirty! You get the torture award this week!


    1. It was pretty scary…especially since some of the parents were really horrible.

      Then I thought…how typical. If they were better parents, THEY would have made sure their kid was up!

      Thanks for stopping by, Gwen.


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