Therapist Kate Sinclair seeks to repair other people’s lives. Her own stable marriage and handsome home are like the icing on the cake of a perfect life.

But when Kate’s emotionally fragile sister Jo Lynn develops an obsession with alleged serial killer Colin Friendly, the first signs of trouble begin to appear. At around the same time, an old love interest from Kate’s past surfaces and starts making overtures, even tempting Kate with her own call-in radio show (he owns several radio stations). Adolescent hijinks from Kate’s oldest daughter Sara add just enough high drama to the mix to tear into the now fragile fabric of Kate’s stable life.

As her life begins to unravel, missing pieces of a puzzle about the past begin to trouble Kate, with nightmares interrupting her sleep. Her mother’s symptoms of Alzheimer’s add to the confusion. Meanwhile, Jo Lynn and Sara become bosom buddies, both lashing out at everyone around them.

Once Colin Friendly is convicted and given the death sentence, Kate believes that things will finally calm down. Unfortunately, the trouble is only beginning.

What new pieces of the puzzle from Kate and Jo Lynn’s past will come to the forefront? What surprising move will Jo Lynn make, and what will finally bring the whole family to the point of crisis?

The suspense builds while all the characters are suddenly thrust into a highly dangerous situation. Missing Pieces, told in the first person voice of Kate, is one of those books that you cannot put down. (If you do put it down, like I did briefly, it may disappear; that is why I had to get the book from the library to finish it). It was well worth the slight delay in my reading momentum. Once I picked it up again, though, I was drawn again into the very real world of the characters that is believable and memorable.

Five stars.


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  2. I feel like there are missing pieces in my life too. I really identify with this book. I can’t believe it. I rush to the computer in the night trying to find missing people, missing information. Some people think I’m nuts. So I’ve begun to write. It’s like talking to another person. I hope to find this book soon. I must read it. Thank you Laurel-Rain. The book is like a dream come true.


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