Good morning, and welcome to A Bit of Me (Me), hosted by There’s A Book.

Every week, we peel back the layers, just a bit, to share a little more about who we are (aside from the reading and blogging), just so we can all get to know one another a little better.



Persistent: Some might even say stubborn, but today we’re going to put a positive spin on our characteristics.  It’s true, though.  I very persistently push my way along in life; when others say that things cannot happen, I refuse to believe it.

For example, when I was young and determined to get into a particular profession, the odds were not great.  Everyone said:  You’ll never get hired! But my response was:  Eventually someone will leave and there will be openings. And there were!  Three decades later, I had retired from that career (social work).

Optimistic: Yes, I’m the glass half-full person.  Not that I don’t see the downside, or that I don’t occasionally feel gloomy, but underneath it all, I believe that, if I believe, things will work out.  I’m a dreamer full of hope.

Creative: I saved my “best” thing for last!  I’m not an artist or a musician, unless you count singing in the shower.  My artistic expression consists of collecting and arranging things; creating and tweaking (endlessly) my blogs to make them unique; and, of course, let’s not forget writing.

My stories (books) are part of who I am.  From an early age, I was making up tales in my head and then scribbling them in scrapbooks, illustrated by pictures from magazines (remember, I can’t draw!).

As a social worker, I tried to write the most unique and creative reports to the juvenile court (frustrated writer), and then one day, when I retired, I started pounding away on the first novel.  Within two years, I was on the fifth manuscript.

For the past two years, I’ve been immersed in the “networking, marketing” aspects of writing, which was how I came into blogging.  What started as something to showcase my published novels turned into something that I love all on its own.

What about you?  How would you describe yourself?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.