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What do you think about Tuesdays? Well, they’re not Monday, so those of you still engaged in the rat race can take heart that you’ve got one day under your belt, and Hump Day is just around the corner.

For those of us (lucky) souls who enjoy a freelance lifestyle (okay, before you get angry, realize that I put in my time in that rat race!), we get to meditate, reflect, and blog a lot.  Plus, thanks to NaNoWriMo, I’m writing a novel in a month.

Granted, it may not be a polished manuscript, or even a complete novel; with 50,000 words, which is the goal, we’re talking maybe 150 pages (manuscript), which does translate into a few more when it’s made into an actual book.

But it’s exciting to start a new project and follow my mojo all the way through to the 50,000 word total.  Today I entered my word count at 19,733, and we’re only on Day Nine.

I’m allowing for the possibility of a slump later; stockpiling those words for that eventuality.  If it doesn’t happen, I’ll finish early.  Before Thanksgiving, maybe.

Anyone else out there joining in the fun? I’m loving the whole pep talk thing the hosts are giving us, along with the cheering from the writing buddies.

Here’s my own logo, which I really only share in my blogs and on Facebook; I have another image on my NaNoWriMo site.  Something that is more fitting for a novel entitled  Interior Designs.

If you are a participant, I wish for you at least a month’s worth of creative mojo…and may all of your energy flow into a great little novel (or novella).



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