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From my header above, you’re probably thinking that I skipped right from early fall to deep winter—a season wrapped up in snowy images.

But I’m just practicing…and remembering snowy days in the past.

Awhile ago, some of you may remember that little blog called Snow Impressions, which I’ve merged into this one.  That blog featured my two granddaughters, as depicted above, as the “permanent” header.  So then, as in now, it’s all about remembering.  Here’s the STORY.

In the photo (header), the girls were seven.  That was eons ago, as you know, since they’re teenagers now.  Young teens, but still teens.

Now they have Facebook pages and think about all those “teen” things.

But I’ll bet they still remember the snowy vacation at the little “cabin in the woods.”

Here are some updated photos of them.

Fiona - 2010
Aubrey - 2010 - With Youngest Brother

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here on Day 11 of NaNoWriMo, hoping I can keep my creative juices flowing.  I’ve done well so far, but I know (from past experience) that there’s an inevitable slump.  I’m stockpiling my words.  So later, I’ll go over to Creative Moments and write an update.





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