Welcome to our Saturday venue for sharing bits and pieces of ourselves, aside from our books and our blogging.

Hosted by There’s A Book, we meet to ponder a question each week.

Today, our question is:

If you could take a class in anything (for free) what would it be and why?

I had to think about that one, but not very long.  Whenever I’m working on the computer and I’m confronted with some kind of glitch, or a question of what to do in specific situations comes up, I think:  Oh, I wish I’d taken a computer course!
And when I’m plugging away on my latest WIP, I think to myself that even though I’ve had all kinds of courses in English language, and have practiced my writing craft over the years, it would be fun to attend a conference or workshop.  To stimulate new ideas.  Like this one, maybe.
It wouldn’t hurt to have this course in a beautiful spot like this—since it’s free and all.
What about you?  What do you dream about learning?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.

7 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — SKILL SHARPENING

  1. Computer classes would be interesting, I think I would be more into them still if it weren’t my job to be on the computer. Isn’t that weird – it’s what I do for a living, and I do want to learn more about it, but not exactly want to take classes, lol.



  3. Writing conferences are so much fun! I assisted in a recent one here in my area and it was fantastic! Especially because I didn’t have to pay for it. So that may be something to think about…if you volunteer a lot of time you get to sit in on at least some of the classes for free. I loved it!


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