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From early childhood, Lindsay understood responsibility. When her mother Crystal chose stripping and drugs above caring for her two daughters, the nurturing fell to Lindsay. Watching over Kerrie Ann became her role in life. But when Crystal was arrested, nothing could keep Lindsay and Kerrie Ann together. Placed in separate foster homes, they lost track of one another for many years.

By the time Kerrie Ann inadvertently discovered that she had an older sister—a fact she hadn’t remembered because she’d been three years old at the time of their separation—she was in desperate straits. If anyone needed a big sister, it was Kerrie Ann. Somehow, she had made many of the same mistakes as her own mother, with drug use and bad choices; her daughter Bella ended up in the foster care system.

In their years apart, Lindsay had lucked out and was adopted by a loving family. When her adoptive parents died, they left her the beautiful coastal home she loved. Now a bookstore owner in the small town of Blue Moon Bay, Lindsay has just about everything she ever wanted. But a major developer is trying to crush her so that he can build his resort.

When the two sisters finally reconnect, they both have more than enough trouble to overcome.

Will Kerrie Ann reconnect with the sister she doesn’t remember, or will their differences drive a greater wedge between them? How will Kerrie Ann begin to change her life so that she can get her daughter back? And what will a handsome stranger who inadvertently enters Lindsay’s life bring to the table? More trouble? Or the possible solution to at least one of her problems.

From the opening pages until the very end, I was compelled to keep reading. The story and the characters felt so familiar to me, especially since I had spent years working with dysfunctional families. Finding the fragile connections between family members and working to strengthen them were my goals, so I could totally relate to the struggles and drama in this story. Once in a Blue Moon is a tale of a family, but it is more than that. It is the ultimate testament to the strength of family bonds, no matter how many obstacles crop up along the way; it is also a reminder of how easily these bonds can be severed and that the task of maintaining them is the most important one in life.

A definite five star read for me.



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