Holiday Moments


Good morning, and welcome to the holiday post-mortem:  a time and place for reminiscing and sharing tidbits.

Yesterday I joined my daughter and her family for some feasting, laughing, and socializing.

Here are a few photo ops, beginning with one of the four-legged family members who showed his feelings about it all.

Shall We Let the Cat Out of the Bag?

Or a brief “shining” moment for another cat, hanging out with Noah.

A Moment in the Spotlight

Note the way the light is showcasing this cat, named Janis Joplin.


A Thanksgiving Table -- Before the Feast

And here is a very satisfied cat curled up in a ball in the sun.

Mork is Snoozing

A good time was had by all.


On Sunday, I will showcase Part II of the Holiday Moments, when another clan of family members gathers for a feast that doesn’t include turkey.

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY MOMENTS: PART I — NOV. 26

    • Oh, thanks, Vivienne, although I can’t take credit for the decor. I love that it looked elegant even though we were practical and used paper plates.

      I know you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but in the upcoming weeks, the Christmas holidays will be upon us…enjoy!!


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