Welcome to A-Z Wednesdays, hosted by Vicki, at Reading at the Beach.

Here’s how it works….

1~ a photo of the book
2~ title and synopsis
3~ link(amazon, barnes and noble etc.)
4~ Come back to Reading At The Beach and leave your link in the comments.
5~ If you’ve already reviewed the book, add the link.

This week’s letter:  Author – First or Last Name – “Q”

There aren’t that many books authored by “Q,” except, of course, for the one I chose.  Anna Quindlen’s Blessing is on my shelves, and I haven’t read it in awhile.

This is a wonderful story of unexpected blessings.  On one late night, two teens drive up to Blessings, the estate owned by Lydia Blessing, and leave a box.  Then they drive away.  When the caretaker finds the box, he decides to keep the newborn baby tucked inside.  And the matriarch, Lydia Blessing, decides to help him.  What happens next is truly unexpected….

It almost feels like a Christmas story, doesn’t it?  What did you discover (or rediscover) on your shelves today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.


6 thoughts on “A-Z WEDNESDAY — DEC. 1

    • Oh, you are in for a treat if you do read one (or more) of her books. I thought One True Thing was fabulous, as was Black and Blue and Blessings.

      Thanks, Nise, for stopping by; and as for the teddy bears, they’re a sampling of what I have…LOL. They’re the Christmas bears.


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