Good morning!  Hope everyone is wide awake and coffee-ed up for the morning blog hopping.

Today, on A Bit of Me (Me), our host at There’s A Book has posed a question for us.

This Weeks Question: It’s the holidays! Do you have a favorite holiday tradition or is there one you want to start?
Of course, that took my thoughts on a flight across the years as I tried to zero in on traditions.  And special events I might like to make into a tradition.
When I was about eight or nine, our family lived in a small town a couple hours from the city where I now live. But there was excitement in the air that night as several of us piled into cars to make the trek to a wondrous event that I will never forget.
CHRISTMAS TREE LANE! That was my first visit to this memorable event, which is yearly here.  Several miles along some of the most fabulous homes are decorated and lit up, while cars meander slowly,  studying what the residents have wrought.  There is even a night for “walking” the lane.  On a center divider, there are fabulous Christmas-tree-like fir trees that mark this street year round, lending itself to the majesty of the event.
I haven’t been in years, which I need to rectify.  I’d like to try the walking tour, which would be fabulous on a cool, crisp night.
As for other events, every year we gather together on Christmas Eve, a tradition started in my childhood.  Food, spirits, and gifts provide the backdrop for family togetherness.
What about you?  What do you love this time of year?

11 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — CHRISTMAS TREE LANE

  1. Oh, this is absolutely perfect! I love events like these during the holidays, especially if you can bring along a nice cup of hot chocolate and take everything in. It really gets you in the holiday spirit and everyone always seems to happy to be there. I love it! Fantastic choice! Like minds think alike! 🙂



  3. What a wonderful tradition and event! A friend was just asking me if there’s anything like that in our state (CT) I don’t think there is anymore. Such a bummer. Hope you get the chance to go on the walking tour this year and that you get to take (and post) pictures. 🙂


    1. I also recall that I was allowed to drink Coca Cola during this event, which was definitely not usually allowed, especially in the car!

      I do hope to enjoy the tour this year…thanks for stopping by, Kimberly.


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