Here we are again, sharing bits and pieces of our lives (outside the web), hosted by There’s A Book.

Every week, we have a new question to ponder.  Here’s today’s question:

What’s your favorite holiday movie? The one you could watch every year and it would always remind you of that time of year.
I don’t actually have one I watch EVERY year, but there are a couple that have kept me laughing and enjoying the holidays.
Christmas With the Kranks is a hilarious film that spotlights all those quirky things that go wrong during the holidays.
The Family Stone is another delightful foray into the family interactions and traditions of one group of relatives, and how the outsider (portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker) changes that dynamic.
When I was growing up, movies were not a part of my life, which is why I never had the chance to develop a classic favorite.  I think my vow this year will be to make up for those missed chances…now that I’m enjoying other “second childhood” experiences.
What about the rest of you?  Old or new favorites?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.

12 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — CHRISTMAS MOVIES — 12-18

  1. I love the two that you mentioned…but my all time favorite is “A Christmas Story”…..I absolutely LOVE that movie!

    Part of the reason I love it is it was filmed in Cleveland and I was living there at the time. I used to wait for the bus for my job at the newspaper right outside the store window that is featured in the movie.

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  3. Oh, I’ve seen both of these at least once (maybe more) and really enjoy them! It’s so funny how families can really bring out the best and worst in each other and the holidays also help with that. lol

    Love your selections and I really hope you get to pick up at least a couple more this year! If you only get to pick up one, I’d suggest watching It’s A Wonderful Life. The message is beautiful and it doesn’t get much better than Jimmy Stewart. You’ll love it for sure!


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