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In my third day of posting for the NaBloPoMo “daily posting” event, I am musing. About life, about family, about social connections.

Which brings me to a reinstated event that I’ve enjoyed called Monday Musings, by Miz B at Should Be Reading.

A question posed for this week:

How many books did you read in 2010? If you had a reading goal, did you meet it? What books are you most looking forward to reading for 2011 (either new, OR ones that have sat on your shelves for a while)?

I was very happy with what I accomplished in 2010.  I read and reviewed 143 books. Only 66 of those were from my TBR stacks, which was one of my goals for 2010.  However, since I’ve decreased the numbers on that stack to 96, I am quite pleased.  I know that I won’t just read from the stacks this year, because I have newer stacks (not included in the original stacks count!), and I have been getting review books to read as well.

But I plan to mix it up enough that I will substantially reduce the old stacks, while still enjoying new and review books.

I plan to have better organization with my challenges (2010 was a bit confusing, since I posted on several different sites).  In 2011, all of my challenges will be on my Curl up and Read site.

One of my challenges is the Awesome Author event, so I’ll have the opportunity to explore authors that are new to me.

What are your goals?  Were you happy with your 2010 reading?  I hope you’ll stop by.

And for a quick family moment:

Despite the ending of the holidays, I plan to spend more time with family members this year.

Some will have to connect via e-mail, Skype, and Facebook, but whatever it takes…Family is Forever!



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8 thoughts on “NABLOPOMO & MONDAY MUSINGS — JAN. 3

  1. I’m a slow reader, so never in a year could I read that many books. I am trying to read more of my books on my book shelves, and will try the library more often in 2011, hopefully. It seems every book I ask for them don’t have. They don’t get new books until they are six months old, I don’t know why they have that policy. So most of the time I just buy the newer books I want to read. Now to get to reading them.


    1. I was thinking my number wasn’t that great, since I’ve seen some who read 300-500. That would never happen for me, because I couldn’t just read all day, no matter how much I love reading. When I use the library, it’s for books I’ve requested online. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks or more. I’m still waiting for a new one….

      I also love blogging and writing and watching movies…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Gigi Ann.


  2. Great reading year! I am one of those that read over 300 books, but I don’t read all day long, just a fast reader. Although, with summers off, I do read all afternoon long around the pool. Someone has to watch the swimmers! LOL


    1. Yes, you’re right, Caite…I must add, though, that I can live in a state of “denial” about my stacks, since the old ones are in my bedroom, and the newer stacks are in my office…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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