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Addicted to Video Games!

On my third day of spotlighting family, I’d like to feature a young man who is eight years old today.

My youngest grandson Noah just turned eight!

Most grandparents are in awe of their grandkids, and I’m no exception.  Some of my grandkids, like Noah, have enjoyed frequent contact with me due to their proximity.

When Noah was born, he and his parents lived just a few feet away, across the lawn, in my guesthouse.  Before him, one of my granddaughters (Fiona) and her parents, of course, also lived in that guesthouse.  Suffice it to say that those two have had regular contact with me.

Here are some photos of Noah’s moments.

Noah's First Birthday

I so enjoyed those curls of his!  Too bad his parents felt the need to cut them when he was around two!

Noah at Two -- Celebrating a Wedding

Here are some of his last moments with the curls—at his parents’ wedding at Pismo Beach.


Here he is, exploring his world, along with his cat Powder.

A Few Years Later - The Joys of Pizza!

Noah spends at least a day a week snuggled up on my couch, watching movies or cartoons; eating; or playing video games.

Getting Ready for Santa

And, just a few days ago, getting ready to wait for Santa….

Christmas Morning!

So these are a few spotlighted moments in the life of one young man who just turned eight.

I can’t wait to snap more photos, although he is not as cooperative (with me, anyway) as he once was.  Like his older cousins, he enjoys making silly faces.

This concludes another chapter in my Family Moments.  Hope you will stop by and share some of your own.



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