Welcome to A Bit of Me (Me), hosted by There’s A Book.  Every week we gather to share bits and pieces of ourselves—including the part of us that we don’t necessarily showcase in our blogs.

Our host poses a question each week, and today’s is:

This Weeks Question: What’s your most looked forward to event coming up this year? (Online or real life, bookwise or not, anything.)

In my fantasies, I, too, would be at Book Expo America.  But since it’s in New York (again!), that’s not likely to happen.  Not that I wouldn’t love to visit New York, but I live in California.  It probably won’t happen.
I did go to BEA in 2008, when it was in LA.  Fabulous event!
Probably I will participate in Armchair BEA.
As for other events, I’m hoping for some kind of family vacation, perhaps to the beach.  I do enjoy the beach!
Here are some family members enjoying the beach this past year.

Noah in the Sand

Fiona at the Beach - Ninja?

Ah, yes, you might recognize the photo above in today’s header.  This one was actually captured in the past few weeks.  Yes, in LA there is beach weather in the winter.  Sort of…
What about the rest of you?  What are your fantasies/plans/dreams for events this year?   Hope you’ll stop by and share.


  1. Would it be impolite to say that I am a bit jealous..beach weather you say? as in shorts? flip flops? no heavy coats? boots? as I look out my window and see snow!!! And I a finding as I get older, the cold weather and I have a mutual dislike for each other. Enjoy the nice weather. And I would love to attend a BEA but physical condition wouldn’t allow it.


    • Not at all, Cheryl…we all envy the “other side of the street” sometimes, don’t we? Like living on the East Coast and being closer to New York and BEA! I live in the Central Valley, and I’m 2 hours away from that beach weather, but I know it’s within my grasp. Here, our temperatures are around the 30s-40s this time of year, but in LA, they have 70s quite often.

      Even though I fantasize about other places, I know I wouldn’t want all of the blizzards and snow-shoveling, etc.

      I was only ever on the East Coast in the autumn (Boston), and it was gorgeous.

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • Oh, I don’t know, Danielle…maybe it was my “glowing California tan” – LOL.

      Seriously, though, probably something in our posts seeps through and gives these things away. I had read you mention San Diego, etc.

      I was disappointed that BEA would be in New York again. What about us West Coasters?

      Yes, that does sound good…meeting up somewhere. Thanks for stopping by.


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