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Today has been busy so far. First I did my Sunday Salon post, which chronicles the past week in blogging, reading, and life.

Then I wrote my daily goal for ROW 80 and entered my link.

For the past half hour or so, I’ve been checking out my Facebook page and adding friends, like pages, etc.

Do you sometimes feel as though the social networks are family connections? Does the group/friend connection start to resemble a family network of sorts?

I’ve always had this feeling of friends as “chosen family,” so it’s not such a stretch.

Especially when those “friends” on Facebook are also the friends in the blogging community and the friends who participate in some of the same challenges.

During the winter months, I sometimes feel house-bound, so I depend on my reading, blogging, connecting to satisfy those social urges.  Especially since I am also trying to curtail the spending.

Not that we can’t spend easily while on the web!  With my new Kindle, I’m rediscovering the ease of “buying.”

Which reminds me…I can now start reading.  Now that I’ve satisfied my writing/blogging goals for the day.

Today I’m reading a book that I’ve chosen for next week’s list.

From the author who gave us Where the Heart Is, I’m finding this quirky tale very satisfying.


What are you up to today?  Stop by and share a bit….



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