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Today has been very busy! The usual Monday Memes took up a large part of the morning, followed by my writing challenge, in which I added a couple of pages and about 1,000 additional words.

With my WIP totalling 66,423 words and 161 pages so far, I feel as though I’m winding down and moving toward some conclusions.

With any story, however, there are always those surprises.  Like the punches the characters throw at me, leading me down surprising pathways.

Family moments highlight the pages as our MC Martha Scott Cummings, single mother, struggles to make sense of her new life and provide security for her ten-year-old daughter.  Adjustment issues arise on a regular basis.  Meanwhile, Martha is also exploring her “interior world,” to figure out how she can learn from her mistakes and move on in a positive direction.

These struggles remind me of some of my own.  Especially those that arose in younger and adolescent kids.  Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get through it all.

Because I’ve been there, I hope I bring a sensitivity to the issues before my characters.

Life can unfold in a more predictable fashion in a story we’re telling, but I hope that I manage to fashion my tales in ways that resemble real-life moments.

For you writers out there, what events in your own lives inform your characters and plots?  What surprising twists and turns do your characters take?



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