This past weekend has been a busy one, with Bloggiesta activities, etc.  Plus, I had reviews to post and thoughts to assemble for the upcoming reading week.

Today’s thoughts are about the effects of computer “glitches” on how I face the day.

This particular glitch has actually only happened to me about three or four times over a period of four years or so.  Not a lot, when I look at it from that perspective.  But each time, I go into panic mode.


The first time, I was totally at a loss, and even called my son, the electrician/computer person to see if he could sort it out.  Well, he tried a few things and fixed it.  I observed some of what he’d done, and the next time it happened, more than a year later, I was able to go through the processes and sort it out on my own.

My other computer-expert son, who lives in Europe, told me that the power strip could be a factor, so I made sure to have an extra one on hand.  Today when my computer wouldn’t turn on (yes, that’s how the glitch expresses itself!), I went through my usual panic mode, and then recalled his advice.  I pulled out the new strip, changed it out, and voila!  Fixed.


Of course, my mind is going to be on red alert for awhile.  Why is that?  My paranoia about the computer and its various possibilities for failure could keep me up at night.

Well, one of my biggest fears, of course, is that someday nothing I do will work and it will mean a new computer!  And my budget is not ready for that!  LOL


Do you ever freak out over these kinds of things?  What do you do when, or if, that happens?  If you’re lucky, you have a resident computer expert…ah, wish I did!

Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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