Is it Friday already?  Oh, my, what a week!  The good news:  time for Book Beginnings, hosted by A Few More Pages, and The Friday 56, led by Freda’s Voice.

Here’s how it works:

For Beginnings, excerpt the first line or two from your book, sharing the title and author; then link up at the host blog.

56:  Grab a sentence or two from page 56, link the title and list the author; then hop on over to the host page.

Visit all the others to see what they’re excerpting.  It’s fun!

Today, my book is an ARC, so the final printing might be slightly different.  The Book of Tomorrow, by Cecelia Ahern, is “a sweet, life-affirming tale…with a liberal sprinkling of magic.”  Marie Claire UK

From Amazon:

“[Ahern] takes a more gothic turn in her latest, recasting herself as a lost Bronte sister for the Facebook set. . . . Lovers of stories involving crumbling castles, nefarious family secrets . . . will be ecstatic.” (Entertainment Weekly )

“A veritable modern-day Gothic, Ahern’s engrossing new novel is filled with family secrets, intrigue, and magic aplenty.” (Booklist )

“Ahern’s tale-spinning prowess keeps the reader riveted.” (Publishers Weekly )


Beginning:  They say a story loses something with each telling.  If that is the case, this story has lost nothing, for it’s the first time it’s been told.

Wow!  I like that…I’m very curious to dive in and find out more about this story that’s never been told.

In this next excerpt, our character is exploring a room filled with books.

P. 56:  The floor felt like it was uneven, sloping from the fireplace to the bookshelves, making me feel a little seasick.  The busiest area seemed to be around the fireplace; an open fire that made me shudder with its contraptions that looked like something out of a medieval torture chamber:  wrought-iron pokers with animal heads, coal shovels of different sizes, an ancient bellows, a black cast-iron fireguard with an animal of some sort emblazoned on the front.


Ooh, I’m getting that creepy, crawly feeling!


What have you found today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share…..


17 thoughts on “FRIDAY MEMES: BEGINNINGS & FRIDAY 56 — FEB. 11

  1. Oh, I love the opening line, the beginning of the affirming tale. Very descriptive excerpt. I can just picture it. The uneven floors sloping downwards remind me of a bathroom remodel my hubby was going to do for someone who wanted a fish-grotto look, rocks with a sloping floor! lol


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