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This Weeks Question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Anything.

The year was 1970. Many recent events had stirred me, from the protests of the sixties over Vietnam; women’s issues; my own search for who I was; and as a graduate student, I was reexamining everything that I had thought I had known and believed.
I had been in a marriage for seven years, and like many people have experienced, we were not a “marriage of true minds.”  But I had two kids.
It seemed to unfold in a crazy way, at least that’s how it seemed to onlookers. Family, etc.  One day, while my husband was on a business trip, I rented an apartment, hired a moving van, and left.  With my two kids.  Just like that.
Over the weeks and months ahead, I would face all the scrutiny and censure of those who had thought they knew me. Only my closest friends in my new life really understood.  They supported me.  But as everything around me changed, and as I became a truly different person, I would realize, too, that even though I didn’t regret what I’d done, the consequences would follow me…always.
Nearly a decade later, I had become a much happier person, even though I had left one life for another. By then, I had two more children.  I had found my niche in a career and loved making contributions to the world around me (as a social worker).  I had visions of someday writing about my experiences.
I have done that.

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So what’s your story?  Share the “crazy” parts, if you will.  And don’t be surprised if everyone else has something equally “crazy” to tell.

6 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — CHANGES — MARCH 5

  1. Wow! That’s incredible, and so unbelievably brave. I’m so glad that it worked out so well and that you were brave enough to take the risk. It’s such a difficult thing, even without children. I can’t even imagine how much harder that choice would be with them, but not at the same time. Just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it!


    1. Thanks, Danielle…it was a difficult time, and when I look back, I’m amazed that I found the courage to do it. I had some good friends supporting and encouraging me, though. Even with the difficult times ahead (I had to find a job, and my savings ran out before I got my first paycheck!), somehow I got through.

      The price of freedom is sometimes high, but worth it.

      Glad you could stop by.


  2. I did something similar while in a live-in situation. One evening, he actually tried to choke me (the first AND last time he ever put his hands on me; that was a dealbreaker). After he picked himself up off the floor (I don’t really remember, but the witnesses said that I kneed him in the groin, and as he bent down, my fist met his face and I started whaling on him – I’d been through a very abusive relationship once before, and I think I may have snapped just a lil), I slept on the couch, went to work like nothing had happened, left in the middle of the day and came back with a UHaul (where I put my things in storage). I got admitted to a battered women’s shelter with my three girls (they weren’t going to admit me until I said that I guessed my girls and I were going to have to sleep in my car) and used the next paycheck to put down a security deposit and the paycheck after that for rent. We lived on a mattress with a television, a cooler, a radio, and a microwave until the following paycheck when I could afford to rent a truck again and get my things out of storage.
    I think it’s always brave when women are able to get up the strength to strike out on their own. You make your own happiness, and you can’t be happy in a miserable relationship.


    1. Wow, what amazing strength you displayed, and how great it is that the help and kindness of others can make all the difference! I am glad you were able to get through that time…I can relate to the feelings.

      Thanks for sharing and for stopping by, Julie.


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