Welcome to another A Bit of Me (Me) adventure, hosted by There’s A Book.

Today, our leader has posed this question:

This Weeks Question: Do you believe in ghosts, the paranormal, extraterrestrials and/or life on other planets?

This is a fascinating question, since I’ve been thinking about these aspects of life lately.  Especially since I recently saw another interview with Shirley MacLaine, who first triggered this fascination in me with her book:  Out on a Limb.
Then I watched the miniseries and bought the tape.
After the “visual” experience of the movie version, I was totally hooked on the ideas—the channeling of spirits and many things that suddenly began to make sense that never did before.
I can’t say that I’m totally into these ideas, but I certainly find them compelling.
What about you?  Do you have any particular thoughts on this topic?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.

8 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) – OUT ON A LIMB – APRIL 23

  1. I absolutely agree with you, the subject is very compelling. As I mentioned in my own post it’s something I definitely believe in, but not in the way it’s been glamorized by Hollywood.

    I hadn’t heard of Shirley MacLaine’s experiences with it, but I’ll have to look into it. Thank you for sharing that!


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