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Catherine Parkestone has embarked upon a new life. Having lived in England through most of her life, she still has memories of time spent in the French countryside. So buying an old house near a small village in France seems like the perfect step in her life. And for her desire to begin her business of soft furnishings—needlepoint, tapestries, etc.

At first, the local farmers and others who surround her seem foreign and different. Their lives follow certain patterns that are strange to her. And the rainy season seems daunting.

But slowly, and over a period of time, Catherine comes to know, accept, and even feel comfortable with her neighbors and this life.

Taking on a special restoration of an old church banner signifies her final mission toward really belonging. But will the bureaucratic trappings that seemingly present obstacles to her burgeoning business do her in? And will a sudden loss take her away from this new life in the end?

What Catherine finally decides to do leads to a very satisfying conclusion for this idyllic tale. The Tapestry Of Love is really all about memory, nostalgia, childhood dreams, and how one can find new life in unusual places. I loved the characters, described so beautifully through their actions and their surroundings. This story made me long to visit the French countryside and meet characters just like these. Four stars.


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  1. I just won this book and I can’t wait to start reading it, especially after reading your review. I love Europe and when I can’t travel there because of constraints, I love to immerse myself in a book that will transport me there.


  2. This is on the top of my TBR pile. I hope to have m,ore reading time now, hubby and the kids bought me a new computer for Mother’s Day and is so much faster. I am still chair dancing today!!


    1. Oh, lucky you, with a new computer! I hope mine hangs on awhile longer. I always feel worries about getting a new one…it means converting things, etc. Thanks for stopping by, Lori.


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