Good morning, and welcome to another Friday full of fun and adventure.  And to our Friday memes.

Book Beginnings is hosted by A Few More Pages.

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice.

Here’s how it works, in case you’d like to join in.  Just grab a book, excerpt from the opening lines, and then from p. 56.  Then link up!

Today I’m spotlighting The Ghost of Greenwich Village, by Lorna Graham (an ARC from Amazon Vine).

For Eve Weldon, moving to Greenwich Village is a dream come true. She’s following in the bohemian footsteps of her mother, who lived there during the early sixties among a lively community of Beat artists and writers. But when Eve arrives, the only scribe she meets is a grumpy ghost named Donald, and the only writing she manages to do is for chirpy segments on a morning news program, Smell the Coffee. The hypercompetitive network environment is a far cry from the genial camaraderie of her mother’s literary scene, and Eve begins to wonder if the world she sought has faded from existence. But as she struggles to balance her new job, demands from Donald to help him complete his life’s work, a budding friendship with a legendary fashion designer, and a search for clues to her mother’s past, Eve begins to realize that community comes in many forms—and that the true magic of the Village is very much alive, though it may reveal itself in surprising ways.

Beginning:  Eve pressed hard against her temples and he responded by shifting a little.  The pain abated for a moment, then parked itself behind her left eye.  She squinted, sipped the last of the tea that had failed to calm her nerves, and set the chipped china bowl in the sink.  Today of all days, she wished Donald would just get out.

Okay….I was going to excerpt only the first line, but the “he” piqued my curiosity, so I gave you a few more lines.  From the blurb above, we know that “Donald” is the grumpy ghost.  Now I’m very excited to read more….

56:  Icy pricks of sweat sprouted on Eve’s upper lip.  What had happened?

Okay…I can’t wait to find out about Eve’s adventures in Greenwich Village.  What about the rest of you?  What exciting excerpts do you have today?   I hope you’ll stop by and share….



  1. Oh… the beautiful, artsy landscape of Greenwich Village, I love. The cover art is great as well. I’m curious to learn more about Donald. Thanks for this a.m. visit.


    • I’ve always wanted to live (at least for awhile!) in Greenwich Village, but books and movies that take me there are great, too. Thanks for stopping by, Lady D. I love the cover, too.


    • Oh, I know! And I’m not a big fan of ghosts, but when they’re in Greenwich Village and when writers are part of the story…well, I’ll make an exception…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Wb….


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