Welcome to another Friday Memes event.  Book Beginnings is hosted by A Few More Pages, and The Friday 56, by Freda’s Voice.

To participate, grab a book you’re reading (or about to read), share the opening lines and your reactions to them, and then excerpt anything from p. 56.  Then visit our hosts and link up!

Today I’m spotlighting a book that’s been on my newer stacks for awhile, so I’m eager to dive in.

Mini Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella, continues the series and features the newest generation of shopaholics.

The follow-up to Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Baby (2007) finds Becky and Luke Brandon’s daughter, Minnie, hitting the terrible twos. More than a handful for Becky, Minnie is already picking up on some of her mother’s bad habits, particularly when it comes to shopping. With frequent cries of “Miiiiine!” Minnie is the embodiment of the voice in Becky’s head that won’t let her say no to bargain buys and designer clothes. Becky’s far more financially conscious husband, Luke, wants Becky to cut back on her shopping, forcing the fashionista to become a recessionista and actually wear the many clothes in her closet more than once. Not to be deterred, Becky channels her energy into planning a huge surprise birthday bash for Luke, which quickly gets out of hand. She is also determined to convince him that, despite their difficulties with Minnie, they should have another child. It’s been three years since readers last enjoyed the company of Becky Brandon née Bloomwood, and this lively, good-spirited romp is bound to please fans of the series. –Kristine Huntley

Beginning:  OK.  DON’T PANIC.  I’m in charge.  I, Rebecca Brandon (nee Bloomwood), am the adult.  Not my two-year-old daughter.

Ha-Ha!  As if.  Imagine our major shopaholic trying to control anyone else?  Totally hilarious!

P. 56:  Oh, my God.  We’d be a clan.  We could have our own tartan!  Hot pink with silver and black.  It would be the “McBloomwood of Brandon” tartan, and we’d do Scottish dancing and Luke would wear a sporran…

This one should have me chuckling all the way through.  Now what have you all decided to share today?  Please come on by and leave a little comment.

18 thoughts on “FRIDAY MEMES: BEGINNINGS & FRIDAY 56 — MAY 27

    1. I think that this upcoming week will have more “fun-filled” books than this week. This week has been suspenseful, dark, and great…but not fun-filled.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lady D.


  1. Hi Laurel-Rain,
    It doesn’t bode well for Becky, if she has to spend the first line of the book trying to convince herself and everyone else that her 2 year old isn’t the adult!!! LOL Everyone knows that a 2 year old, is always right!!!!

    I have never read anything by this author, as I was always convinced that it was chicklit and something of no particular interest to me, but a fellow blogger has almost convinced me that Sophie is an author with slightly more depth and perception to her writing and deals with some quite pertinent social issues.

    I may be tempted to give this one a try, thanks for sharing


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