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In the spirit of the Bloggiesta (a month early!), I decided to do a major overhaul of this particular site.

Many of you probably are familiar with my frequent blog background and header changes over time, and some may have witnessed my blog mergers over the past year or so.

This little blog began over at Blogger as Snow Impressions, and had a familiar snowy image of my granddaughters.  When I decided to bring the blog here, I merged it with Snow Connections.

At that time, I changed the name to Snow Connections & Impressions.

Now that I’ve “sat” with it awhile, I wanted something shorter, quirkier, possibly even edgier, so now, voila!  Meet Snow Sparks (with a tagline of My Connections & Impressions).

What do you think of when you hear the word “sparks”?  Well, I did name my Kindle “Sparky,” because of how it generates reading moments.  It sparks enthusiasm from some.  I hope that Snow Sparks will be a place in which I can “spark” creativity, connections, and all kinds of enthusiasm. 

Is this too much to expect from one little blog?  Perhaps, but I know that I am already excited about the feeling I now have, with my new title; my new theme; and the header that is a photograph of the reconstructed Berlin Wall, created by my son, the Berlin Photographer.

In the next few days, I will be thinking of some kind of signature event to further elicit the feeling of sparks.  Any ideas, anyone?

Note the blog button at the top of this post.

8 thoughts on “A BLOG MAKEOVER HERE — MAY 28

  1. It’s not what I expected. Then, I didn’t know what to expect. I know you like to care for your blogs. I like this design because of the grapes. I have a thing for grapes. I use to color grapes. Then, I would try to embroider grapes. I think grapes and grapevines are so pretty. Is Snow Sparks a new name? Anyway, the blog design has a feeling of symbolism. Like I could sit here and think for awhile. The lady’s hair, it seems like more than the wind is pulling it. Thanks for the Sunday Salon invite.


    1. Yes, the photograph of the woman is symbolic of her fleeing to freedom…it is an image my son captured of the Berlin Wall reconstruction in 2009.

      Snow Sparks is a new name, with the old name as the tagline (connections & impressions). Snow, of course, from my name.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tea.


    1. I know…the past few months flew by! But I do believe it’s in June. I haven’t seen any mentions of it over at Maw Books Blog. So when I got the idea to make over this site, I just couldn’t wait. I’m impatient when I want to do something…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Judith.


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