When Wilson Lewis forgets his twenty-ninth wedding anniversary, he believes that he may have hurt his wife Jane beyond repair. In fact, in looking back over the past few years, he realizes that his wife may have fallen out of love with him because of his negligence.

Over the next year, he sets about to repair the damage. When their daughter Anna announces she is getting married and that she has chosen to get married on Wilson and Jane’s thirtieth wedding anniversary (only a week away), there is a mad scramble to pull together the preparations. And to arrange for getting married at the home of Noah and Allie Calhoun, Jane’s parents (the main characters in The Notebook), Wilson has a lot of work to do to bring the old homestead back to life.

A charming, romantic novel, The Wedding is an exploration of one man’s journey toward reinventing himself as a husband and creating beautiful moments along the way. Told in the first person voice of Wilson, we get to see glimpses of a man who seems almost too good to be true as he maneuvers the most surprising event of all.

What will Jane realize once Anna’s wedding date arrives? And what will Noah Calhoun add to the uniqueness of this event?

This is a great read for Sparks fans, and since I’m a novice at these books (having only seen the movies), I was pleasantly surprised…enough to award five stars.


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