Welcome to another edition of Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

If you’d like to join in, just share old or new photos snapped by you, or family/friends.  No pix from the Internet, please!

Today I was sorting through some old photos and came upon these that I took on vacation a couple of years ago.  I had gone to the Napa Valley, and one of my events was riding the wine train.  The food, including the appetizers, was so gorgeous that I had to snap photos of it.

Appetizer - Backdrop, the Wine Country



Now I want to ride that train again!


I am now eager to click around the blogosphere and see what goodies the rest of you have spotlighted.


    • I had almost forgotten about these photos, but I was desperately searching through photo files to come up with today’s (since I didn’t have any new pix), and thought of that trip. It conjured up the whole experience.

      Thanks for stopping by, Helen. Your island photos made me long to go there….


    • Yes, Lisa, and I always feel “guilt-free” on vacation! I love the train, too, and the murals on the walls reminded me of the days when riding trains was our main transportation (other than cars). Thanks for stopping by.


    • Awesome! I used to occasionally ride Amtrak to visit the grandkids, but it’s not nearly as much fun as the wine train. For one thing, they don’t serve meals like this. Thanks for stopping by, Trish.


  1. I love to ride the train. My daughter and I rode the train once from Texas to Oregon and then when we moved back to Texas from Oregon, she and I rode the train the opposite way. The one from LA to Portland (called the Silver something) was so, so nice. There’s something romantic about train travel and it’s nice because I don’t seem to get motion sick on trains, which I do in cars, airplanes and don’t even talk to me about boats. LOL


    • My first journey on Amtrak was from SF to Seattle…it was a lot of fun! The wine train brings back those memories, but with the added bonus of gorgeous food. Thanks for stopping by, Kay.


    • Oh, I want to go again, Leslie…and the amazing thing is that the Napa Valley is not that far from where I live, but in all my years in California, that was the first time I’d been (two years ago). I need to go again!

      Thanks for visiting.


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