Good morning, and welcome to another Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

We have another opportunity to spark some creativity and share photos we’ve taken, or which have been taken by family or friends.

Share them and link up, if you wish to join in.

This week, I searched the old photo albums again, because I was thinking of a time when my daughter’s hair went from waist-length to a very short pixie cut, compliments of her dad.

That very next week or so, we had a get-together of family members who had traveled to our city.  Here are some of those shots, spotlighting her “new look,” as she enjoyed her cousins in the park.

There she is, on the far right, in case you didn’t guess!  LOL

In the photo are her cousins and her uncle.  The boys don’t seem to be enjoying the photo op very much.

That picture was snapped in 1982.

This next one shows me (on the right), with my brother and the girls.


What did you find this week?  Share, please!











  1. How cute she was and I bet she could get a lot more done with shorter hair (or get into a lot more things)! LOL

    I remember the haircut that you had, sort of cupped around the face. 1982, huh? That’s the year I spent mostly pregnant. We had record heat that summer here in Austin too (like this year). 🙂


    1. I think I was trying to imitate Bonnie Franklin, on One Day at a Time, but my hair was too fine for that look! And yes, that was a hot summer. June, and we hoped the park would make us feel cooler.

      My daughter did look cute, but she hated the cut. Later she would take charge of her own hair (in protest) and grew up to be a hair stylist. LOL Thanks for stopping by, Kay.


  2. Awww, I love the pixie haircut. They are all adorable! Is’nt it fun to go through old albums and see your children when they were little. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Oh, thanks, Diane…and yes, I did have my hands full. I was working long days, too. Back then (before I became the “shrinking woman” LOL), I was 5’9″. Then I wore heels…and oh, my, I’m noticing that that was a really ugly purse!


    1. Yes, I love them, too. The only downside is that many of them fade with age, and because they’re not digital, they aren’t always very clear.

      But I love soaking up the memories. Thanks for stopping by, Helen.


  3. I had hair so long I could sit on it. Then one day my mom’s friend who was supposed to trim it cut it up to my ears. We were all upset! My dad thought I was one of my friends when he came home.

    Love all these pics from the past of yours!

    Here’s My Snapshot


  4. I love these old photos. I remember back then when all the little girls had those long dresses and making one for my daughter. And I remember cutting her hair short too.


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