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Welcome to another day of sparking our creativity via Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

My old photo albums came down again, and these came from back in the late eighties.  Here’s one of my oldest and youngest, when they were 21 and 11.  I see from the decor and the unwrapped packages that it was Christmas.   My oldest, of course, is the one now found mostly behind the camera:  the Berlin Photographer.

Craig and Heather

And the next one was a couple of years later, at a new townhouse where we lived for five years before we moved to the foothills.  We loved this place!

Heather at Thirteen

The big hair was in full effect that year.

What have the rest of you pulled out of albums or off your computers?  I can’t wait to see!



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  1. I could tell that photo was from the 80s! My daughter went to an 80s party the other night. She has straight hair. She asked me how I got big hair in the 80s. I’ve been fighting to avoid big hair since the 80s. She considers me lucky. Ha!


    1. Like the seventies, the eighties were a time marked by noticeable trends and fashions. (If we can call them fashions!). At the time, it was fun, but looking back, not so much.

      Thanks for stopping by, Paulita.


    1. Oh, so do I, Trish…sigh. I’m glad that on some of the photos I wrote the dates and the addresses where the photos were taken. Not that I can’t find every one of these places. At least the ones that are still around!

      Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed my detour down memory lane.


  2. Love the one of Heather on the stairs since it takes me back to my teen years in the 1980s: big hair, Go Go-inspired clothing, and plastic jewelry! Of course, it’s all making a come back now


    1. Yes, Helen, I love those times, too. I enjoy the photos that show my daughter when she wasn’t being defiant and sulky, although the second one does look a bit sulky, doesn’t it? LOL

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Terrific photos…I love how the pose of each child relates to their age a little….there’s your son in his jean jacket and sun glasses looking all cool and there’s adorable Heather, huge smile, excited about Christmas with a gift on her lap…and in the second photos she’s older and has the big hair. She looks great but is standing a little self-conscious like most 13 year old girls do.
    These photos are wonderful, priceless treasures. Thanks so much for sharing them!


    1. I like how you noticed the details that showed their traits. When I posted this on my son’s Facebook wall earlier, he had a few comments, too. He thought he had a bit of a “sneer” on his face. (That was how dudes did “cool,” I think!).

      And yes, my daughter was going through her self-conscious phase.

      I do love looking at the photos. Thanks for stopping by, Amy.


  4. I hope to avoid ducking a flying pillow with this but the first pic took me right to Karate Kid movie (Ralph Macchio) it has to be the shades . 😀 Aww and how your youngest was so excited with the gifts. Must be expecting one of her wishes coming through that day. The second pic was great too. The phases of life is seen. The big woven fan on the wall is nice.


    1. Yes…and some pictures of my son during this time period take me back to Duckie, in Pretty in Pink. Ah, yes, the big fan. I’m trying to remember when I got that one, but some time in the late seventies, I’m guessing.

      Thanks for stopping by, Raine.


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