Welcome to my attempt to spark some creativity by participating in another edition of Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

This past week, as I skimmed through my photo albums, I thought about communication and how things have changed so much since the New Millennium began.

These photos of my daughter as a pre-adolescent in the late 1980s illustrate one of the differences.  Before cordless phones, user-friendly computers, cell phones, and definitely before text messaging, you could find pre-teens communicating like this…..


She had a phone in her room, too, which was kind of a novelty back then as well.


Sometimes I long for those days!  LOL

(Note:  after I’d scanned this photo, I noticed the bandage on her leg, and remembered that she’d had a sports injury, and the phone was even more of a lifeline).

What did the rest of you find today?  Come on by and share!


    • I think my first experience with those huge phones was the “car phones” that were around occasionally in the early eighties. Then later, the cell phones for everyday use got a little smaller, but were still not very common.

      Thanks for stopping by, Natalie.


    • Yes, before cordless phones, and before she had one in her bedroom, the best my daughter could do was getting a really long cord for privacy. Who knew that eventually all the kids would have their own cell phones?

      Thanks for visiting and sharing the memories, Lisa.


    • Glad you could stop by, Paulita. I do enjoy comparing now with then. I did enjoy those designer phones from the eighties and still have a couple of them. One is a faux pay phone, and another one is a copy of those French phones.


  1. We still have a landline in our house, but as you say, all the phones are cordless. The only problem is when the electricity goes out so we have one “old fashioned” phone we use in emergencies!


  2. We had a phone with a very long cord and it sat on the bar between the kitchen and the living room. I remember stretching it as far away as I could in order to have private conversations when I was a pre-teen. 🙂


  3. Not only do I remember corded phones, I remember party lines. If I picked up on the wrong ring I would accidentally get the call for my neighbor. And remember having to pick up and listen to make sure no one was on the party line before dialing? I tried explaining that to my kids but it was all greek to them! Thanks for taking me back a few years! 🙂


    • Yes, I’ve seen a few of those around…still. The things we take for granted…

      I do enjoy having some of those old corded designer phones around. I have one shaped like a pay phone from the eighties…

      But I have the cordless, too. Thanks for stopping by, Diane.


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