Good morning!  Let’s spark our enthusiasm and creativity today by joining Alyce, At Home With Books as she hosts our Saturday Snapshots.

When I was scanning photos from my albums again, I came across this one of my kids and some of my grandkids—way back.  It was around 2003, judging from the ages of the kids.

Three of my kids and six grandkids were sharing Thanksgiving with me, and my daughter had cooked up a feast for us in the guesthouse next door to my house.  The little girl at the top of the photo was a neighbor child who just wanted to join in on the fun.  Here they are, looking content. 

And now, here is that same guesthouse three years later, after a facelift, and minus the family members. 

We all had many fond memories at these little cottages in the foothills.  Here’s the main house, after its facelift.

Okay, enough nostalgia for awhile. 

Now I can’t wait to hop around the blogosphere and see what the rest of you have captured.


    1. Thanks, Paulita. I love guesthouses, too, (obviously!); and ever since I first saw a few in one of the neighborhoods in our city, I dreamed of creating one. When I found this place, I thought: perfect!

      Before I sold the place, I did think about living in the guesthouse and renting out the bigger one. But I really wanted to get back to the city.


    1. Thanks, Alyce. I have several photo albums stashed on a shelf in my closet, and I stumbled upon these while looking for photos of my A-frame cottage to “depict” how it was featured in my first published book (An Accidental Life).

      Eight years can make a lot of difference, as you can see when I post more current photos of the kids and grandkids.


    1. Thanks, Pooch…I wish for more family get-togethers. Nowadays my oldest one lives in Europe, my second oldest lives four hours away.

      The two youngest live in my same city, but their lives are so busy! We do enjoy our time together. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. In New England, there are more basements, aren’t there? I know we have some…but not nearly as many. When I visited Boston a few years ago, there were even restaurants in basements.

      And yes, we have a lot of guesthouses, and I guess one of the most famous guesthouses was the one rented by O. J. Simpson’s “friend,” who was a witness in his trial.

      Mine was nothing like that, of course; just a simple cottage.

      I would love to find one of those Victorian guesthouses to rent….

      Okay, long-winded comment here…thanks for stopping by, Diane!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie. Yes, I am constantly amazed at how quickly time flies by. When I look at the photos, I feel like I’m back there in those moments. Precious moments.

      Of course, we continue to have great moments, and I’m enjoying every one I can spend with them.


    1. I loved having that guesthouse! Most of the time, one or another of the kids were living in it, but in the last few months before I moved, it was truly a guesthouse for friends and family visiting.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bev.


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