I’m feeling full of creative sparks today, so I’m joining Alyce, At Home With Books, for Saturday Snapshot.

Just share a photo you’ve taken, or one snapped by family/friends.  And link up.

Today, as I’ve done a lot lately, I’m sharing some more pictures of grandkids.

Grandsons Aaron and Alec, holding their baby brother Silas - Friend Behind

I like the matching Tie-Dyed Shirts!

Now I’m doing a segue to my niece and her three children enjoying the outdoors.  They live in the mountains, so they have many lovely surroundings.

Niece Amy, America, Gavin, & Luc


Now I’m eager to see what the rest of you are sharing!


  1. You always have the most gorgeous shots of your family!! I love them. Thanks so much for sharing. Your boys look very handsome and your niece’s family is in such a beautiful setting.


  2. I love those tie dyed shirts!! I remember them very well!
    The mountains in the bottom photo are amazing!! I’d love to see them in person!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


    • Hi, Sheila…Seven grandchildren, plus three step-grandchildren; two of the “steps” have one child each.

      They all had great fun when I lived in the foothill house that had a guesthouse. I sometimes miss it, too…


    • Me, too, Louise. My daughter and now my granddaughter are still fond of them, but they also like current trends, too. However, I’ve noticed that the tie-dye and other 70s stuff are making a comeback, judging from a store my granddaughter and I visited while shopping for school clothes.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I want to go visit that mountain retreat, too!


  3. Your grandsons are adorable and I love their T-shirts!

    I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with that kind of scenery in your backyard…your neice, Amy and her children look very happy!

    Great photos! Thank you!


    • They obviously love it, since they’ve lived in scenic spots ever since they started their lives together, beginning in a gorgeous spot near Santa Cruz and now in Sonora/Jamestown area.

      Thanks for stopping by, Amy.


    • Thanks, Diane…I do enjoy them…even the teenagers! LOL

      The thing about teenagers who are grandchildren…I don’t have that same feeling of ultimate responsibility as I did with my own kids. That allows for more fun….

      Hope you have a great weekend!


    • Yes, in many ways, I envy my niece and her lovely setting….and here in my city, we’re 10 minutes from the foothills (where I used to live) and 45 minutes from the mountains. But then I think of things like cell reception and Internet…and decide that I’ll just enjoy visiting the mountains.

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie.


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