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Good morning, Blog World!  It’s time to spark some creativity and join in at Theme Thursdays, hosted by Reading Between Pages.

Today’s Theme:

ENDING WORDS (Pick 2 snippets that have matching last 2 words i.e if one sentence has WIFE the other should have LIFE or KNIFE etc)

Today I’m excerpting from The Grief of Others, by Leah Hager Cohen.


“Hey!” shrieked someone, importantly, hilariously.  Most likely Vanessa Sett.  “There goes Biscuit Ryrie.  On a bike!”  Laughter followed, and hooting.


But it would no more have occurred to Biscuit to skip school in order to watch TV and eat junk than it would have occurred to her that she wasn’t entitled to make her own decision about attending.


Very tricky today!  Hope you all find something interesting…stop on by!



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4 thoughts on “THURSDAY SPARKS — THEMES — OCT. 27

  1. I thought this week would be easy, but barely anyone participated. Wonder why? The ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ ending words were my first pick as well 🙂 Not fair, I went back to see if you had a little something to say about the book (like you normally do) but …

    Anyways, how is the book so far


    1. Oh, I totally forgot to include the blurb! I slept so late yesterday, and I was hurrying….and I got “sloppy.”

      I’m wondering if people aren’t participating because they’re busy with other stuff. Holidays, etc.

      I hope there are more next week! Thanks for stopping by, Kavyen. I enjoy this meme every Thursday.


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