To participate in Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books, just share some photos you or family/friends have captured…and link up.

Today I’m full of sparks.  I’ve been nostalgic, tripping backwards to a day forty-five years ago when my oldest was born.  That was November 17…and on Thursday, I did a pictorial celebration to him on myThursday Potpourri.

Today I’m sharing two of those photos.  The first was taken when my eldest son was one month old.  It’s faded and blurry, but here goes.

And the second one was taken in Berlin, on Halloween this year.  My son enjoys impersonating Elvis and does Karaoke.

He does this “Melvis” impersonation for laughs and fun.

What did the rest of you discover today?  I can’t wait to find out, so share some links, please!



  1. Look at that tree! What a great contrast from his first Christmas to now. I need to get a scanner at some point for my older pictures. My oldest is only 8 but we didn’t a digital camera when he was born so all his baby pictures are regular film ones and I want to be able to preserve them better. Thanks for sharing!


    • Yes, I really love digital cameras, but back then (sixties, seventies), those film cameras were it. I have a scanner and love it. But those old photos do fade, and some of mine from the seventies have turned an odd color. Thanks for stopping by, Jill.


    • I especially enjoy the ones from my own childhood (this really dates me! lol), with the curly white edges…and because they’re in black and white, they’ve held up pretty well.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sheila.


    • I think so, too, Alyce. He isn’t the least bit self-conscious and enjoys taking these kinds of risks. I just wish I could spend time with him in person…but since he’s in Berlin….sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. There’s quite a difference between then and now, uh?! It must be really cool to watch your some impersonate Elvis and perform, he sure has the costume for it! Happy Birthday to him and best wishes for a fantastic year.
    Is Elvis popular in Berlin?


  3. LOVE it!!!
    My BIL, (who is a Pastor), does an imitation of “Bubba Elvis” that is hilarious!! I only mentioned that he’s a Pastor because most people think they are stuffy/serious all the time, but my bil is the funniest person I’ve ever known!
    Here’s My Photo


  4. Laurel I was just looking at my kids baby pictures from the mid 70’s. Very nostalgic for sure — boy has color improved over the years. I love that photo. I was eying that infant seat and it made me recall how we’d plop that and the baby on the passenger seat and start driving (no seat belts / car seats etc. Times have changes.


    • Oh, I know, Diane! Back in the day, we had a VW bus and would toss the kids, with one in a playpen, in the back.

      My kids tell me those were the best of times.

      I do wish the color was better in the photos from back then, though. Thanks for stopping by.


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