Good morning!  Welcome to another Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books, in which we can spark some creativity by showcasing some favorite snapshots.  They can be old or new, taken by ourselves or by family/friends.

Last weekend, I enjoyed a get-together with family from out of town, as well as the local faction.

Here are some shots of grandchildren.

Here’s another version:

Later on, I brought two of the local kids (Dominic and Fiona) back to my place to watch movies…while the out-of-towners headed home.

They let me snap another photo of them.


I had a lot of fun….I think they did, too.

What about the rest of you?  What are you sharing today?  Come on by, please….



    1. Thanks, Diane…I think they’re almost more willing to have their photos snapped these days. Have we turned a corner? There were times that it felt like “pulling eye teeth,” as my grandma used to say.

      Glad you could stop by!


  1. what a fine looking bunch of kids 🙂 I love seeing all those palm trees and short sleeves, too. A great day for an outing. It’s all pretty cold and bare around here.


    1. I love that particular spot with the palm trees…it reminds me of malls in LA, where my second son and his three kids live. And we had a great day.

      A couple of days ago, though, we had such high winds that felled trees and power lines and nobody willingly went outside. That’s how it is, sometimes.

      Thanks for stopping by, Trish.


    1. Oh, it was nice that day, Nise, and every year around Thanksgiving, it seems to be like that.

      A few days later, though, the winds were high, turning the outdoors into a landscape of fallen trees and power lines. We were lucky to have that day!

      Glad you could stop by.


    1. Yes, I do enjoy them, Irene…and the best part about that relationship is not having to be the one who disciplines them…except in small doses now and then if they really need it!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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